Your advertising team could sell better!

They could surface relevant, hyper-personalized ads that sell well.
Except, they can’t. They are data-deficient!

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Infuse Rich Metadata – at scale

Portqii's ANA Websense encodes rich metadata into each Eloqua asset.
At scale.

With dotcom analytics having richer metadata, the ads team can surface better targeting ads across all channels.
At scale.

How WebSense does it


ANA WebSense infuses relevant metadata into Eloqua assets. You choose what data gets infused, and when.


Your teams now have the Eloqua metadata coupled with visitor intelligence that empowers dotcom analytics.


With better analytics, teams now have deeper insights that can drive continuous experience across marketing, web and ad platforms.

The Silo

With Eloqua metadata available across your AdTech team, web optimization team, creative team, the team silos are broken for improved efficiency