Design & Development with Oracle Eloqua APIs


By the end of this workshop, you and your team will be equipped to design your architecture and develop solutions with Eloqua’s APIs. You will know what’s possible, what the pitfalls are and some easy hacks around them. We will optimise cost and efficiency of your solutions and help you build robust, effective integrations in a short sprint.

Who should attend

If your team is responsible for the marketing technology and you need to build integrations between Eloqua and other systems; or you are researching the possibilities of integrating CRMs and CDPs – and Eloqua is one of them; or you have begun the process, and you need someone to guide you through the huge canvas that’s leaving developers lost – then this workshop is for you.

Workshop Structure

60 mins pre-workshop | 2 days onsite workshop * | 90 mins follow-up meeting
Maximum Capacity : 10 members

* The 2 days workshop can be conducted onsite if there are no covid related restrictions on travel. Else it will be a virutal workshop

Facilitators & Experts

Our facilitators have years of experience in solving tech and marketing, bridging empathy across teams.

Ajay Sikri – He’s been [a really cool dude – add credibility facts here]

What You Get

Aside from the intangibles that are knowledge and competencies, portqii will provide you a detailed design document. This will serve you and your team as a blueprint for all future builds.

Instructional Design

In order to keep this workshop relevant, we understand your current challenges through a pre-workshop meeting. We take cognisance of your objectives and bring them back as points of discussion in our onsite workshop. We urge you to be as specific as possible with your challenges, so that we can discuss and demonstrate specific API endpoints in detail. We also follow up in post-workshop remote meetings.

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