PCO – Overview

The Portqii Campaign Orchestrator allows organizations to have an air-traffic-control view of all current campaigns.

Who is PCO for ? #

Campaign Orchestrator makes most sense for organizations that have multiple campaigns running simultaneously. We are visual creatures, and our brains work better when we can see how our campaigns and emails are laid out in front of us.

By default, without PCO, we do not get to see a visual layout of the emails that are lined up to take off, which ones are flying, and which ones have landed.

With PCO, we get all that and an analysis of which contacts are fatigued by our emails.

Are there two versions of PCO? #

Yes, there are two versions, and the prices differ too. Here are the versions:

  • Base Version
  • Base Version + Fatigue Analysis

Installation #

Steps to follow for installing PCO:

  • Contact sales@portqii.com to set up the licensing of the application.
  • The Portqii team will provide you with a link to begin the installation.
  • Installation will require admin credentials and permission, so you will need to be logged in as an administrator.
  • Follow the simple on-screen instructions to complete the installation.