How to access ANA

Method 1: Use the URL #

NOTE: talk to your organization’s Marketo admin for your credentials – you will need it to use this app.

Use this link to open ANA in a browser:

I am accessing this page in March 2023, and this is how the page looks:

Sign in Page

The page accepts an email-id and the password.

A successful login will land us on the logged-in home page:

Logged in Home Page

Alternatively, you may at times see this page:

List of Apps by Portqii for Marketo

If you were intending to use Asset naming Assistant, click on the ANA card on this page.

For help with credentials, talk to your local Marketo administrator. And if you are the admin needing support, write to

Method 2: Install the Extension #

Here, show how to install the Chrome extension.

Step 1:

Visit the Extension Webstore :

Step 2:

Search for Portqii and choose the extension “Marketo Apps for Portqii

Step 3:

You should be able to see the extension after logging into your Marketo page: