Don’t create segments each time to just query Eloqua. Now there is an easier way:
Use the Workbench app to query Eloqua for all the data you need – and it’s completely free.. forever!

Three Ways get there


Rosetta could match the Contact ID given by Adobe with those in Eloqua to join the datasets.


Rosetta could match the Email ID in Adobe with those in Eloqua to join the datasets.

Custom Attributes

Rosetta can decode asset names injested by Asset Naming Assistant to make send of data.

As easy as Sky gazing

Rosetta is setup just once – no manual uploads, downloads or any other workloads.
You don’t need to dust it, wash it, scrub it – nothing.
Just sit back and enjoy the views.

No scraped knees !

Rosetta joins the data from Adobe and Eloqua – once complete, it pushes enriched data back into Adobe. If you are used to Adobe analytics, then it’s business as usual, except with better data. Zero Learning Curve.

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