What's in a Name?
a Lot.

Imagine a Marketo instance where every asset name makes ready sense.

Like this name that ANA created: NA_es_US_Q123_BFri_Sale_Router_2334
means all of this:

Marketo becomes organized with good naming conventions:

Lower Stress

No need to double click on each asset to know the contents of it.

Lesser Frustration

#Hashtag assets to view them all in a single page.

Easier Searching

Spend lesser time searching for assets that you know exists.

Ready Sense

Intuitively make sense of graphs that display asset names

Asset Naming Assistant is Easy to Use:

What else can ANA do for you

make searching assets Google-like easy!

We create new associations and perspectives with #hashtags. Viewing all your assets in one place, irrespective of a folder or asset type is now possible.

Bulk Rename
your older assets

ANA works for your older assets as well.
There is no need to live with older bad names.

Attribution Reports
are powerful,
and now they are also easy !

ANA stores asset attributes in one place, making generation of complex reports really simple.

Usage Audits
to drive culture

Continuous, timely feedback helps.
ANA can send frequent reports to tell us where we stand and who can help.

There’s a lot we can do with ANA

Get More Value From Analytics

Tag Assets For Better Search

Bulk Rename Older Assets

Encourage Transparency

When names are true representatives of what the assets are, the dashboards will make intuitive sense.

With each asset tagged with multiple labels, searching become Google like easy!

ANA can not only help you name new assets, but also rename the older ones to follow a uniform convention.

ANA’s weekly mail encourages a culture of good naming conventions.