Eloqua Asset Transporter is a wonder tool that allows marketers to transfer Eloqua assets like Campaigns, Landing Pages, Forms, Email Templates, Segments or other assets like Contact fields, Account fields, Custom Data Objects from one Eloqua instance to another.

Landing Pages
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One of our key customers, the second-largest tax-preparation service provider in the United States used Asset Transporter to move their Eloqua Assets across instances. The numbers are our guiding stars.

* it took us 5 weeks to move whole lot of other assets including the one mentioned above. Click on the image to see the complete list. 

Asset Transporter


Build a package with all the assets that need to be moved.


Validate the quality of the data package before it’s implemented in the destination instance.


Hit Deploy and voila! Sit back and let the app do its magic!

fall in love with our features

True Sandbox

Transporter allows companies achieve true sandbox capability to Oracle Eloqua

Super Efficient

Simplify your management or operations approach, test code in sandbox and install to production with the click of a mouse.

Amazingly Powerful

Transporter is built upon the native Eloqua data transport structure and leverages an enhanced cloud infrastructure.

Easy to use interface

Easily consolidate Elouqa instances by moving assets between them.

The company

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