Portqii Audience Health

Your Customer at the heart of Your Marketing

We understand that building lasting connections requires continuous care and attention. With our solution, you can monitor and impact every contact and account throughout their entire journey with your brand.

We seamlessly unify all customer interactions across campaigns, providing you with real-time data and actionable insights. This empowers you to cultivate customer engagement at scale, ensuring that your marketing efforts resonate and flourish with each heartbeat of your audience.

What is our Audience Health Offering?

It's an AI data infrastructure that fuels your marketing campaigns. Offering insights into every interaction across your organization, its primary goal is to enhance the account experience for your brand. Audience health puts you in command, allowing you to minimize fatigue, enhance engagement, and accelerate customer acquisition.

Impact of Audience Health

Experience marketing growth driven solely by your first-party data, unlocking its untapped potential.

Discover the power of your data to drive marketing success. With our platform, you gain robust controls to enhance the account experience, and actionable insights to supercharge contact growth. Plus, easily monitor acquisition, retention, and churn rates of contacts and accounts across all your campaigns. It's data-driven marketing at its finest, designed to boost your marketing success.

Improvement in Active Contacts at Scale
Reduction in Contact Opt-Out Rates
Increase in Account Coverage

Supercharge Your Campaigns with Actionable Marketing Insights

Elevate the effectiveness of your marketing operations data to drive more value from your campaigns. Enhance campaign relevancy through intelligent touch frequency management and gain actionable insights that span across your various business groups.

Accelerate ROI with our Essential Marketing Platform

Slash 3rd Party Data Costs

Reduce spending on third-party data sources and enhance your data economy.

Stimulate Organic Contact Growth

Fuel your contact database with organic growth, boosting your reach and engagement.

Unearth Targeted Segments

Unlock valuable insights to discover and target high-performing segments within your audience.

Curious about the health of your audience?

Book a demo now to experience the Portqii Audience Health platform in action. Plus, take advantage of our no-cost 30-day pilot to thoroughly assess the health of your audience.

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