Automate Lead Collection / Qualification / Routing with Standardisation / Enrichment / Buying Signals


Automate Lead

Lead Goal – Quality or Quantity? Why Not Both!

You deal with numerous lead sources, each at different levels of readiness for sales, requiring processing and qualification to minimize sales rejections.

With Portqii's Data Intelligence and Campaign Orchestration platforms, you can deliver the highest quality leads in the quantities that meet your targets. Portqii is your platform of choice if you're seeking to:

Address latency in lead delivery to sales.
Reduce costs in lead operations.
Align leads with your accounts in MDM.
Utilize AI to identify buying signals that assist your sales efforts.
All of this while improving sales acceptance of leads and surpassing marketing lead and revenue goals.

Frictionless Lead to Revenue

Continuous Prospecting with Closed Loop Lead journey Anchored to Revenue

Portqii provides E2E automation in leadflow with intelligent lead listeners and AI enrichment streams to qualify and route leads. Following are some of the results you can achieve with Portqii.

5 min
Lead cleansed, enriched, qualified, delivered to sales all in 5 min, reduced from 8hr
Lift in leads generated without any new campaign or budget.
Increase in Sales accepted leads

Orchestrate Leads from creation to revenue

Portqii's Lead Velocity platform accelerates your lead process, aligning leads with standardized master data accounts and enriching them to facilitate informed first interaction between your prospects and sales teams.

Give your Leads predictable path to revenue

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