Unify Your Marketing Ecosystem with PortQii

PortQii simplifies your marketing operations by uniting all your martech, digital, CRM, CDP, and data stacks into a cohesive solution. With our programmatic platform offering self-service options, strong governance, and precision, we redefine marketing efficiency.

Turn your direct marketing channels into revenue drivers with PortQii. Experience a streamlined, revenue-focused approach to marketing operations today.

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Seamless Integration with APIs

Harness the Power of Automation

Our programmatic marketing approach centers on automation, powered by robust APIs and end-to-end integration. We seamlessly connect your marketing technology stack, enabling efficient data flow and streamlined operations. Say goodbye to manual processes and hello to a more agile and effective marketing strategy.

Unleash the Full Data Universe

Unlock the True Potential of Data

At the heart of our strategy is a commitment to being data-driven. We don't just rely on local datasets within your martech environment; we leverage the complete universe of data. This holistic approach empowers you with deeper insights, allowing for smarter decision-making and more precise targeting. It's time to maximize the value of your data.

Context-Aware and Customer-Centric

Craft Unique Customer Journeys

Our approach is adaptive and customer-centric. We implement context-aware business rules and configurations to tailor campaigns and customer journeys uniquely to each individual. With playbooks designed to accelerate key business outcomes—such as increased engagement, reduced fatigue, expanded segments, and accelerated pipeline growth—our strategy ensures your marketing efforts align with your goals.

Empowering Your Marketing Operations for Success

Our platform seamlessly unifies data, streamlines campaign management, and provides actionable insights. It's the key to unlocking the full potential of your marketing tech stack. With the power to harness our data-driven approach, enhance campaign relevancy, and ensure a customer-centric strategy, your existing tech stack will be equipped to drive remarkable results.

Simplifying Complexity - The Modern Marketing Landscape

Navigating the Complex Marketing World

Today's marketing operations landscape has evolved, with up to 80+ companies involved. We provide a data rich foundation to optimize, simplify and make you stack efficient aligned to business objectives.

Unlocking Potential - KPI-Driven Marketing Ops Platform

Execute, Govern, and Achieve Results

Our fully connected, configurable, and KPI-driven marketing operations platform empowers you to execute strategies, govern operations, and achieve tangible business outcomes. It's the key to your marketing success.

Building Trust - Privacy, Trust, and Revenue Growth

Upholding Trust, Privacy, and Brand Value

We serve as the bridge between your customers and your business, prioritizing privacy, trust, and brand value. Simultaneously, we drive revenue growth, creating a win-win scenario.

Key Results

An innovative KPI-driven platform for configuration, empowering marketers to define their goals and optimize their tech stack for maximum results.

1 Million+ GTM Accounts Monitored

Account Growth Rate

Enabled GTM growth of prospects by 45% with end-to-end programmatic account experience (ABX) management.

Removed 100% of under-utilized assets

Asset Utilization Rate

Always on asset monitoring and automated clean up saving 1,000s of man hours.

10,000 Touch Governance Weekly Violations Identified

Accelerate Engagement Rate

Our customers see a 2x improvement in engagement rate with PortQii.

All Integrations Monitored

Data Quality Index

Monitor influence of data sources on segmentation, scoring, personalization for performance lift.

1,000,000+ Decisions Made in A Week

Contact Segmentation Effectiveness

Removed data silos providing access to all first party data without any physical movement of data.

15,000 Weekly Leads Processed in Real-time

Marketing Instance Efficiency Rate

Reduced lead turnaround time from 4 hours to near real-time.

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