Empowering Performance with Data Standards

Today's performance-focused landscape success is rooted in the consistency and clarity of data standards. Our platform enables establishing and maintaining data standards to guide your organization towards data excellence.

Data standards across your full marketing stack

Enable Your Team with an Integrated Solution

Ditch the hassle of complex spreadsheets and makeshift tools that lack control, collaboration, and connectivity. It's time to transcend those limitations. Our platform empowers you to proactively implement your distinctive data standards plugged into your MarTech.

Data Quality at Source

Prevent data problems downstream from the start by setting up consistent data standards in your marketing workflows and execution platforms.

Support Strategic Decisions

Strong data controls with data standards and taxonomy ensure data quality, so leaders have the confidence to make strategic decisions, commit resources, and challenge assumptions.

How is it used?

Asset Performance

Measure the impact of your assets, tracking their effectiveness and contribution to your overall goals with precision.

Asset Usage Index

Gain valuable insights into how often and where your assets are utilized, ensuring optimal resource allocation.


Easily assign credit and ownership to specific assets, enhancing accountability and transparency in your digital asset management.

Business Performance

Gain insights into the performance of business structures to understand and optimize their effectiveness to meet your strategic goals.

Compliance by Auto Validation

Spot and resolve errors sooner, faster and at scale. Validation processes identity errors ensuring data stays in line with defined taxonomy standards so that you can stay on top of compliance effortlessly and maintain operational excellence.

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Why Eloqua teams need Asset Naming Assistant

Asset Naming Assistant is a tool that helps organizations follow naming conventions across all marketing assets. At Portqii, we make this for both Eloqua.
Best Practices for Naming Conventions

Best Practices for Naming Conventions

There are many advantages to following a universal naming convention across assets in your organization. We wrote a blogpost about it; you can read it.
Best Practices for Naming Conventions

Tag your assets for a Google-like, easy-to-search Eloqua

When using Eloqua, have you wished to see all the assets, irrespective of the asset type, to be seen in one single window? Perhaps you...

Let's get your asset taxonomy working for you.

Portqii can define, refine, and implement a taxonomy and data strategy that delivers results.

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