Use any data for activation/decision making/enrichment


Use any data for

What is Data Virtualization?

Step into a data-driven future without the constraints of data pipes. Our data virtualization solution gives you the power to build segments and enable real-time decision-making, free from the limitations of traditional data syncs. Streamline your data processes and empower your marketing technology stack for agile and effective strategy.

Data Virtualization Drives Results

Data-Driven Marketing Mastery: Empower Your Strategy with First-Party Intelligence.

Gain a competitive edge as you harness the power of ultra-precise data to optimize your campaigns and drive exceptional results that actually matter.

Improvement in Account Based Experience
Reduction in Database Size
Increase in Sales Opportunity Velocity

Imagine access to all Salesforce objects and much more as a native schema inside of your martech

Imagine a world where you have unrestricted access to all Salesforce objects as a native schema within your marketing technology stack. Our data virtualization solution turns this vision into reality, making the integration of Salesforce data effortless and empowering your martech tools with a wealth of valuable information. Elevate your marketing strategies with a unified, data-rich ecosystem.

Curious about how we virtualize your dataset?

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