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Unlock a multitude of marketing use cases by harnessing the capabilities of and PortQii.

Some of the use cases that we have addressed are:

Identity resolution of the Eloqua cookie.

Orchestration of Account-Based Experience

It used to be 24 hours to get back, now it is 24 minutes.

Identity resolution of the Eloqua cookie

Explore PortQii' capability of identity resolution for Eloqua cookies, delving into the mechanisms that enable seamless tracking and data integration across your marketing campaigns, ensuring a comprehensive view of customer interactions.

How we do it:

PortQii's browser destination

PortQii introduces an innovative browser destination that enables the unveiling of identities to Eloqua cookies through the utilization of a known visitor.

Using your first party data to link to Eloqua cookie.

We offer the capability to seamlessly transfer your Customer Data Platform (CDP) first-party dataset to the visitor's Eloqua profile, enhancing your ability to harness this valuable data for more personalized and effective marketing efforts.

The Gold Standard: Unifying identity across all cookies

Whether it's within your Marketing Automation Platform (MAP), Customer Data Platform (CDP), or Data Management Platform (DMP), the goal is to unify all cookies to point to the same resolved customer profile, ensuring consistency and accuracy in your data ecosystem.

Why this is important? Harmonizing Your Marketing Stack's Voice

Tailor your messaging with a consistent, unified voice, whether you're sending emails, displaying ads, or presenting content on your website. Learn how to maintain a seamless and personalized customer experience across various channels for enhanced engagement and brand cohesion.

Orchestration of Account-Based Experience

Unlock the capability to convert anonymous web traffic into comprehensive company profile. By appliying programmatic workflows, our customers have witnessed a remarkable 10x enhancement in their Account-Based Experience through the consolidation of their marketing stack.

How we do it:

Connect it all.

Connect it all by seamlessly integrating your web data, CRM, Customer Data Platform (CDP), and third-party data providers. Unlock the potential for a holistic and comprehensive view of your audience along with PortQii's capabilities to orchestrate this connected ecosystem to meet marketing KPIs.

Web and MAP taxonomy mapping.

Explore the strategic process of Web and Marketing Automation Platform (MAP) Taxonomy Mapping, a critical step in ensuring seamless alignment between your website's content structure and your marketing automation, enabling more precise targeting and effective engagement with your audience.

Enrich the data that is missing.

Augment your datasets by enriching the missing data points, ensuring a more comprehensive and valuable resource for informed decision-making and personalized marketing efforts.

Use programmatic orchestration.

Drop contacts into Campaigns so that the right message is reached wherever you speak to your customers.  Speak to your target accounts with one voice.

Intelligent Marketing Performance

Unlock the power of data-driven insights with our guide on intelligent marketing performance. Discover how to harness cutting-edge analytics, AI, and automation to drive your marketing strategies to new heights. Dive into the world of predictive analytics, customer segmentation, and personalized campaigns, all designed to help you achieve superior marketing performance that adapts to your audience's ever-evolving preferences. Elevate your marketing game, enhance ROI, and stay ahead of the competition with intelligence-driven marketing techniques.

How we do it:

Evolving your marketing stack.

Explore the transformative journey of uncovering strategies and insights to optimize your marketing technology toolkit, enabling a more efficiently connected Eloqua ecosystem, resulting in major KPI-driven results.

Harnessing connected data for actionable strategies.

Drive key KPIs related to audience health, lead health, campaign health, and MAP efficiencies by seamlessly integrating Eloqua with your CRM, CDP, and data warehouse without heavy data syncs.

Strategies for mitigating campaign fatigue.

Empower your marketers with pre-campaign insights by revealing touch governance and email overlap violations within a segment, ensuring campaign optimization and compliance.

Alignment strategies for marketing and sales collaboration.

We excel at programmatic collaboration between marketing and sales, instilling reliability into the demand generation pipeline. Our mission is to equip your sales teams with valuable intelligence, ensuring that every interaction is informed and effective, driving growth and success for your business.

We have worked with many Segment.IO customers

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