Seamless Campaign Migration with Portqii Transporter Sync

Campaign Migration/ Instance consolidation/ Tech Stack Transformation Made Effortless

Experience a hassle-free campaign migration process with Portqii Transporter Sync. Our solution automates the migration from source instances, whether they be sandboxes, regional, or legacy, to target instances, including production, global, or new environments. 

We ensure that all nested dependencies from the source are resolved, resulting in fully functional campaigns in the target instance. Simplify your campaign management with Portqii Transporter Sync.

Guidelines for Migrating to a New Eloqua/Marketo/Salesforce Instance

  • Begin by creating an inventory of all elements in the source, including assets, objects, campaigns, integrations, landing pages, emails, forms, programs, apps, and more.

  • Distinguish between what is actively in use and what is not, allowing you to carry forward only the essential components to the target instance.

  • Address dependencies within the inventory to be migrated to ensure a smooth transition.

  • Establish a migration sequence that guarantees the functionality of each component in the target instance.

  • Conduct thorough testing to validate the migration process.

It's important to note that the most effective approach to this task is through automation. A manual approach is neither scalable nor reliable, often prone to errors. Portqii Transporter Sync stands as the most comprehensive migration platform available.

Your EASY button!

A comprehensive automated platform to migrate and deliver a fully functional new instance.

All types of assets migrated
16 secs.
Time required to migrate asset with all its dependencies
Happy customers using Portqii Transporter Sync

Reclaim Your Resources and Reinvigorate Your Marketing Automation Platform

Don't allow the burdens of migration to obstruct your journey toward achieving your business objectives. 

Our solution ensures that your transition is not just a move but a transformation – cleaner, faster, consolidated, governed, and seamlessly connected. Get back your valuable time, reduce costs, and, most importantly, regain control over your Marketing Automation Platform. Let us help you achieve your goals without the overhead.

Simplify and Accelerate Instance Migration with Portqii

Streamlined Propagation for Features and Campaigns

Effortlessly build new features, campaigns, and custom objects and easily propagate them to production, regional, and Business Unit instances, all with Portqii's rapid, high-quality migration solution.

Precise Migration and No Duplicates

With Portqii, you can migrate only what you need to the new instance, avoiding duplicates and ensuring an efficient migration process.

Automated Discovery and Dependency Resolution

Migrate functionality even if you lack historical context, thanks to Portqii Transporter Sync's ability to automatically discover and resolve dependencies, ensuring a smooth and seamless transition.

Discover Your EASY Button for Instance migration

Book a demo now to experience Portqii Transporter Sync in action, and learn how it can simplify and enhance your Marketing Automation Platform.

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