Demand Generation with PortQii

We have successfully assisted numerous customers in various facets of demand generation through our programmatic solutions, addressing challenges which include:

Reducing lead processing time

Minimizing rejected leads due to data issues

Enhancing attribution for leads

Providing valuable conversation starter insights for leads

Reduced data pipe limitations through real-time connections

PortQii Impact on Demand Generation

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Increase in Lead to Opportunity Conversion
Close Rate Improvements from Baseline
Increase in Sales Opportunity Velocity
Reduction in Marketing Operations Cost

Leaving No Lead Behind: Ensuring Parity for All Lead Types

Through our programmatic approach we've successfully tackled the challenge of leads being rejected by sales through stronger validation and enrichment. Our approach includes implementing tactic-driven routing, which ensures that all leads, regardless of their origin are directed to the most suitable team within CRM or other platforms for qualification.

PortQii Technical Integration Team

Demand Generation System Integrations

As part of our experience in implementing effective demand generation processes, we have successfully integrated diverse technology stacks, streamlining operations and optimizing outcomes. The following highlights some of these integrated technologies.

Eloqua / Marketo

Eloqua and Marketo serve as the central processing hubs for demand generation strategies.

Aprimo / Anaplan

Enable lead attribution through integration with a digital asset management solution. Additionally, allow for lead association to additional meta data (such as BU, Product, Region, etc.) to facilitate routing & campaign insights. / Tealium

Offering Eloqua cookie resolution through a resolved cookie, our solution provides a comprehensive view of account-level engagement across various devices, equipping your sales team with invaluable insights for a more complete understanding of prospect interactions.


Identify website visitors in real-time by tightly enriching their account information through D&B. This data enhancement seamlessly augments your leads, providing valuable account-level insights to enhance your lead generation and segmentation strategies.

Leadspace / 6Sense

Revamped the lead funnel with lead signal targeting, which adds depth to lead assessment by gauging intent, propensity, persona, and engagement levels. Uncover a more refined and actionable approach to lead management and conversion optimization.

PortQii EDI

Our solution streamlines the lead management process, ensuring a clean and efficient flow into your CRM. By implementing checks such as duplicate lead and opportunity verification, we enable a smoother, error-free data transfer, enhancing the overall accuracy and effectiveness of your MQL.


Integrating ON24 into your ecosystem, we harness the power of first-party engagement data to maximize the return on investment (ROI) from your events. This strategic approach allows for data-driven insights and enhanced event marketing strategies, ultimately boosting your event's impact on business outcomes.


While not all leads are created equal, especially considering the investment in LinkedIn leads, it's crucial to apply a demand generation strategy at a granular tactic level. This approach ensures that each lead is effectively nurtured and engaged, optimizing the value derived from your investments.

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