Privacy and Compliance with PortQii

Privacy and compliance are the cornerstones of any marketing team. Portqii has built a privacy & compliance stack that enables marketing teams to engage and comply.

Every touch evaluated for compliance

Privacy compliance that is not restrictive but maximizes relevance.

Elevate brand value by being a better business partner with customers.

An audit trail to support any privacy compliance request.

Active audience management to keep preferences current.

Privacy management

Why work with us?

A comprehensive privacy compliance stack is designed to serve Marketing, Privacy, and the Customer. It's a data, process, and campaign management platform that ensures the best interests of all three parties are aligned, providing a common ground for partnership and growth.

Privacy violation claim's
Compliance on customer preference's
Increase in available contacts with privacy compliance
Reduction in privacy management costs

Privacy as a growth enabler!

Privacy compliance in customer-conscious marketing, when done right, immediately elevates the brand, improves engagement, and attracts prospects.

Portqii's Compliance stack helps global enterprise companies achieve this.

Compliance stack

Privacy built into Marketing Automation Platform

We have successfully integrated diverse technology stacks and streamlined marketing operations while implementing effective privacy compliance in demand generation processes. The following highlights address privacy outcomes:

GDPR / CCPA / Local Country Privacy

Compliance to meet various approved privacy laws is built into your marketing automation platform. Privacy evaluation is conducted at every touchpoint, during segmentation, and in the campaign journey.

Touch Governance

Privacy is not about adhering to the minimum requirements but setting standards that reflect your brand, respect preferences, and establish a stronger business partnership in every marketing experience delivered to your prospects, pipeline, and customers.


The race to achieve demand generation goals can lead to fatigue and drive the audience away. Active management of recency, frequency, and relevancy results in a better customer experience and higher engagement. Our customers generate more demand with fewer touches.

Curious to Check if you are in Compliance?

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