Marketing Technology with PortQii

Portqii serves as your extended Marketing Technology team, offering products, services, and strategic advisory to facilitate the transformation toward a data-richt, customer-centric, and growth-oriented operation while leveraging your existing investments in the Marketing Automation Platform.

A complete SaaS platform with plug-and-play capabilities.

Zero Tech Debt to help you focus on your customers.

Reduce technology spending and eliminate manual operations.

Data-rich, automated real-time marketing operations.

Streamline, simplify, and scale with the Portqii suite of platforms, including Data Federation, Campaign Calendar, and Data Taxonomy.

Marketing Technology Platforms

Why work with us?

Rapidly transform your marketing stack with measurable and immediate results in your KPIs that have a direct impact on your business.

Improvement in marketing automation by eliminating manual workflows.
Efficiency gain in data processing.
Increase in data available for marketing with no increase in cost.
Reduction in marketing operations cost.

Marketing Technology stack simplified

Access all data in your ecosystem without IT overhead. Instrument every action without manual processes. Self-service governance to optimize MAP usage. Automated workflows with Zero Tech Debt. Campaign orchestration with a copilot. First-party CDP with your unique ID graph for your data.

That's Portqii Marketing Technology Simplified for enterprise customers!

Technology stack

Marketing Platforms we have transformed

As part of our experience in implementing marketing platforms, we have transformed diverse technology stacks, streamlined operations, and optimized outcomes. The following highlights some of the technologies we have transformed for our customers.

Eloqua / Marketo / Hubspot / SFMC Markting Automation Platform

Products that can plug and play with any marketing cloud and automation platform, making them 10 times more efficient.

Aprimo / Anaplan MRM

Unified taxonomy and deep instrumentation to contextualize every touch, engagement for ROI, persona, preference, product, journey, and more. / Tealium First Party Cookie

By offering first-party cookie resolution, our solution provides a comprehensive view of account-level engagement across various devices. This equips your sales team with invaluable insights for a more complete understanding of prospect interactions

D&B / LiveRamp / ZoomInfo Enrichment

A comprehensive Account MasterData platform to align with Sales. This data enrichment seamlessly augments your leads and automates lead routing aligned with sales coverage. It helps improve your contact coverage in target accounts.

Snowflake / S3 / Firehose Datapipe

A fully virtualized data pipeline with access to all your first-party and second-party data, along with all available dimensions for use within the marketing automation platform, without the need for data copying.

Adobe / Google Analytics Attribution

Digital attribution for engagements on the web, in media, or in third-party spaces, connected to contacts, accounts, and campaigns within your marketing automation platform.

Saleforce / Dynamics CRM

Deep integration with objects in CRM and MAP for seamless data flow to support lead flow, opportunity enrichment, marketing and sales activities, sales journey acceleration, marketing content for sales, and more.

LinkedIn / Google / Binge Ads

Get your private DMP to drive targeted omni-channel ads and journey maps spread across digital properties. Adaptive bidding to maximize conversions from audiences in your lead/opportunity pipeline.

Transform your Marketing stack, Elevate your Customer exprience

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