Data science enablement is the key to execution of marketing strategies

We have successfully assisted numerous customers in various facets of data science through our programmatic solutions, addressing challenges which include:

Segment analysis to inform future targeting

Evaluation of touch governance violations and fatigue

Data availability without the syncs to enable flexibility in segmentation

Modeling campaign performance across business units, regions, tactics

PortQii Impact through Data Science

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Gain immediate access to top-tier B2B technology-driven strategies, designed to expedite revenue growth and achieve faster, more impactful results for your business.

Improvement in Active Contacts
Reduction in Opt-out Rates
Increase in Lead to Opportunity Conversion
90% Improvement in Contact Data Quality

Big data and data science are exploding because more data is being generated than ever before.

PortQii provides plug-and-play solutions that grant easy access to data, enabling businesses to inform their marketing strategies and address real-world challenges. These solutions seamlessly integrate into your marketing stack, facilitating efficient data utilization for improved decision-making and problem-solving.

PortQii Technology Experience for Data Science

Empowering Data Science Teams

As part of our experience in implementing effective demand generation processes, we have successfully integrated diverse technology stacks, streamlining operations and optimizing outcomes. The following highlights some of these integrated technologies.

Touch Governance

By monitoring the audience flow throughout your marketing stack, we ensure that your touch governance policies remain intact and are not violated. This proactive approach helps maintain compliance and consistency in your marketing efforts.

Fatigue Analysis

We employ advanced models to measure audience fatigue or provide your data science team with the necessary data to assess fatigue. This approach allows for data-driven fatigue evaluation, ensuring that your marketing strategies remain effective and relevant.

Segment Analysis

Our platform empowers data scientists to thoroughly evaluate configured segments within your Marketing Automation Platform (MAP). This evaluation extends to understanding the account-based distribution framework, identifying missing target audience segments, and pinpointing touch governance violations.

Tactic Analysis

We provide the means to assess the effectiveness of various tactics employed in your marketing campaigns. By evaluating the performance of different strategies, you can gain valuable insights into what works best and refine your approach for more impactful results.

Data Validation

We offer robust data validation processes through both first-party and third-party sources, guaranteeing that your data science teams are equipped with the correct and reliable datasets. This validation ensures that their analyses and insights are built on a solid foundation, supporting data-driven decision-making and enhancing overall accuracy.

Data Enrichment

We prioritize data enrichment as a core strategy, ensuring that data science teams have access to enriched data from various sources. Our smart processes prioritize the utilization of first-party data, enhancing the quality and value of datasets, and empowering your data science teams to derive meaningful insights and drive informed decisions.

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