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Campaign Operations is the heartbeat of Marketing

Campaign Operations play a critical role in the success of Marketing Operations. With Portqii's Campaign Orchestration platform, you have a live pulse on the campaign lifecycle:

Planning Hub: This feature helps you design and preview the impact and outcomes of your campaigns. It allows you to align with campaigns in flight that target the same audiences.

Customer Engagement: Configure campaigns to drive higher conversion with effective engagement management. Access tools that enable you to tailor campaign experiences.

Copilot Campaigns: Orchestrate all campaigns in flight to maximize impact, coverage, compliance, and accelerate customer journeys.

Measure: Get the lowest granularity with multi-layered aggregation to see the big picture view. Gain actionable insights on Account Experience, Business Unit Impact, Strategy Scores, Fatigue Analysis, and more.

Deliver Experiences that drive Demand

End to End Campaign Operations Lifecycle

Portqii provides end-to-end campaign operations with real-time insights and AI to optimize Account-Based Experience, Product Lead Journeys, and Customer Privacy compliance. Here are some of the results you can achieve with Portqii.

Privacy and Touch Governance Compliance with Minimal Fatigue
Increase in Available Audiences for Campaigns through Automatic Segmentation
90 Day
Forward-Looking View into Campaigns and Projected Account Experiences from All Campaigns

Campaign Calendar with copilot journey orchestration

Portqii's Campaign Orchestration (PCO) platform helps you observe and measure the past, make real-time adjustments during campaigns in progress, and ensure the future success of campaign audiences, experiences, engagement, and conversions with the PCO Campaign Copilot.

Transform your Campaign Operations

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